Feb 8, 2010

A World behind my screen

SL, or second life is actually just one of the many virtual world games out there..going head to head with IMVU, moove,there n many more. i liked SL's concept more, its fashion its travelling..Unlike Sims online, ur not objected to do anything with ur avis. I created an Ophelia Tremor ( Ophelia taken from Guillermo Deltorros movie Pan's Labyrinth, n Tremor cuz she's slightly sick)

In many ways alike, we both loved dancing n popping pills n smoking joints (Yes they have joints n pills that make ur screen go rainbow smoked). She loved shopping n home decor, she loved hanging out with other avis. It was shit at first n just filled with Pervs i guess Ophelia used to recite:

"God grant me the serenity to accept the pervs i can not change
the courage to change the pervs i can
n the wisdom to know the difference between..AMEN"

I logged on SL one week before Rian left to Papua, on the 18th of Dec 2009.. it was soo much fun (when it lasted) the more i explored the crazier i thaught Linden Lab was.

I am AMAZED at the details of this game..it sooo fuckin realistic:

1. Realistic Avi's

Lounging Around

i dont even know who that avi is..

This one is Kristya
Krissy by ~•♥•~Kristya is playin' catch up ~•♥•~.

2. Traveling in SL but to Real Life Places

Poster for Land Tier Contributions at Virtual Africa inSL

las vegas in second life by mk30.

and many many more exciting places..theres a group in Flickr that i like hold on lemme get the link

2. THE CLOTHES AND FASHION (notice the caps lock) haha!!

all taken from Second style magazine http://blog.secondstyle.com/

Backless Wonder


Second Style, February '10 (I)

Second Style, February '10 (III)

Second Style, February '10 (VI)

Second Style, February '10 (I)

Second Style, February '10 (II)

Second Style, February '10 (III)

Second Style, Feburary '10 (IV)

Second Style, February '10 (V)

Second Style, February '10 (VI)

Happy New Year

Bright New Year

4. The shopping and Boutiques

{Zaara} : Statement necklaces

to be cont i dont have time today..