Feb 7, 2010

Honeymoon destinations

i got these from various travel n hotel sites,, hell u should see how adorable these rooms are!!!!
forget the cliche beach romantic mountain honey moon thingy
These r soooo cute...*sigh*
hmmm,,,so why dont we just all save money n go there (together)hihhihihi.. i get d room with the poltergiest bed haha!!
Lol...can u tell i totally regret not majoring in design..or mmm..not working as a host for a travel program?? hahaha
Arte Luise Kunsthotel-berlin
tis is soo sweet
(Arte Luise Kunsthotel-berlin)
Arte Luise Kunsthotel
Arte Luise Kunsthotel-outside view
hotel fox denmark, the name of d room..guess?? ecstasy..hihihi
freaky eh?
propeller island city lodge-berlin
even freakier
propeller island city lodge-berlin
propeller island city lodge-berlin
this is soo adorable, the room is upside down
propeller island city lodge-berlin
THE CHOCOLATE BOUTIQUE HOTEL-its in england somewhere the whole hotels rooms r chocolate themed..yum
propeller island city lodge-berlin
The Max Hotel in Seattle
reflections hotel -bangkok
aha!! something close to our homeland..yipee
what a pool!
New majestic hotel singapore...nearer to home..finally
another pic from the new majestic in singapore
Helga’s Folly, Sri Lanka
in sri lanka who would ever thinkk
Hang Nga Guesthouse-vietnam
Ice Hotel In Sweden


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