Feb 7, 2010

Circus Facade

a dark velvet tent
over a joker that's dressed in gray
a frown to welcome his guests
that gaze n dream all day

the acrobats have all broken their bones
n ones on opium for pain
that mad hatters counting his debts
n this juggler has gone insane

how can u for so long
joggle sorrow n sanity
n still chant a sweet song?
the fire eaters burnt her face
not for attention n fame,
she used mercury n boiling water
Ohh such a shame

that ones fractured his neck tired of doing cartwheels

do u keep ur children in cages
do they also sleep with the donkeys?

do their noses grow too?
does that clown chuckle of despair
or does he just get high on glue?

i'd love to be a pupeteer
but my blue fairy wont let me dear

colors n smiling faces disgust me
you see.

enough said
ciao bella! LOL


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