Jun 21, 2010


as if every bone in this body isnt enough
u still chew on my ears
God created man with boundries
with exeptions
with limits
than who am i
a piece of metal
with buttons n bars to experiment on?
and when i dont function well..
u factory reset me.

Monstors and deamons are Gods creation
but u?
u are inhumane?
u are ill
and chew on human bones
and ears

As if
my flesh turned to popsicles
u then freeze me
when it melts

u cry and wish i was a robot
so u could
factory reset me


I look for answers in the garbage
Like a stray cat searching for bones

U buy excitement from it
I hide my fear in zip its
With this nonesense that u feed me
It's trash
I recycle wonderfuly
But u
U like cheap filthy smelly trash
It's called self worth
And u have none!
For paying for trash
For touching trash
For dancing in it

It's junk