Feb 28, 2010

Boredom Vs Depression Vs Psychosis

Via @biglove's Blog

This has been a question I have been pandering for quite a while...is depression really just extreme bordom? I often find myself depressed and start analyzing...why am I depressed? I talk with other people about similar feelings...."blue" days....spend money on therapy for it and I'm coming to the realization that I'm just really, really, really bored. And I have thought about this for a long time....what would make me happy?....what could I be doing that would make me feel better? Activities....movies...books....travel....ect. But you have to be "in the mood" to do things...so, maybe it is depression causing my boredom by keeping me "out of the mood"...Hmmmmm
So....are you bored or depressed....or are you psychotic?

Quote: As someone suffering from clinical depression, I know that the symptoms go far deeper than just being bored. Feeling 'blue' isn't what I would call depression. Depression, the way I see it, is a deep seated, unbearable feeling of sadness. It's heavy. It hurts. It's almost tangible. If I feel down, like you said, I like to shop.. it makes me feel better. But if I'm depressed: really, truely, not-on-my-meds depressed, life is unbearable. NOTHING makes me feel better. EVERYTHING sucks. Everything hurts, and I don't want to do a damn thing. I want to sleep. Period. That's not being bored..
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Feb 27, 2010

My two best friends??

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Feb 25, 2010

That's unfair!!

The newest book on my shelf...Hey!! They should have a Why do Woman Marry Bastards edition..raitttt? ;)

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Feb 24, 2010

Lovely..me likey

Chocolate Fudge Caramel cupcakes

Double chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Cherry stack cake

Chocolate Bon Bon pops
Chocolate Bonbon Pops

you can type the titles than serach for the recipes here http://www.bhg.com/recipes/

My #1 Crush-ed

My #1 Crushed..

I would die for you
I would die for you
I've been dying just to feel you by my side
To know that you're mine

I will cry for you
I will cry for you
I will wash away your pain with all my tears
And drown your fear

I will pray for you
I will pray for you
I will sell my soul for something pure and true
Someone like you

See your face every place that I walk in
Hear your voice every time I am talking
You will believe in me
And I will never be ignored

I will burn for you
Feel pain for you
I will twist the knife and bleed my aching heart
I'll tear it apart

I will lie for you
I can steal for you
I will crawl on hands and knees until you see
You're just like me

Violate all my love that I'm missing
Throw away all the pain that I'm living
You will believe in me
And I can never be ignored

I would die for you
I would kill for you
I will steal for you
I'd do time for you
I would wait for you
I'd make room for you
I'd sail ships for you
To be close to you
To be a part of you
'Cause I believe in you
I believe in you
I would die for you.

Okay last post...For the sake of my tummy n the noises its making now

artpixie:skyeblue:rosiecompton:(via artpixie)This looks so  scrumptious, I wish I could eaaaaat it.
okay im getting extremely hungry now..its 2.49..im stuck with these paranormal activities n ghost n freaky being you tube that Rian is watching...so think happy thaughts think happy thaughts..think yummy thaughts...rrrrgghhhhh...

Pg 780 of my notebook

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Why i HAVE to go to thailand this year

1, The shopping
*cheapos at Platinum (maxi dresses jumpsuits playdresses)
Platinum Fashion Mall is the place where bargaining is an art.
*Pantip (Gadgets for Rian)
Pantip Plaza is Bangkok's answer to Hong Kong's Sham Shui Po
*Siam discovery Center (Dresses n more shoes)
Siam Discovery Center

*Central world plaza

2. Markets
*jatujak weekend market

*suan Lum Night market




*Bed Super Club

*Funky Villa

*Route 66

4. KOH PHANGAN Full Moon Party!!!!!!!
look at the Beach before the Rave (they don't even look like photos they look like desktop wall papers )
..then at night on Full moons only the have this 24 hour rave
its wicked!!


Full Moon Partty Ko Phangan

the drinks


*Koh Phangan

*Koh Samui

*Phi Phi Island (Where they Shot the beach)

ko phi phi


Actually, thailand is filled with Lovely beaches i can't blog one by one too many
but the ones i have blogges about r the ones i wanna go to

6. The temples

*Wat Phra Kaew

*Wat Pho
Wat  Pho (wat chetupon)

*Wat Arun

*The Grand Palace Bangkok

7. Musuems

*Forensic Museum

*Corrections Musuem

8. Parks

*Siam Ocean World


*Siam Water Park


9. Where we'll sleep

(Sorry no Ritz Carltons-No Hiltons No Kempinski, in thailand we do it my way..artistic!!)

*Ban Waree


this is the lobby..


*Sang Arun Bungalows

*Reflections Rooms
heres the link to the reflections group

*Lub D

*HQ hostel

*chic 39

I think theres more..but im getting sleepy zzZzZzzzZZZz