Apr 29, 2010

you're all outta my league for the meantime

 An asshole said a couple of things that really hurt, things that i can never imagine anyone ever say.But the point is when someone says something to u that hurts like hell, it gets u goin'
why does it hurt?
was i offended?
or was it just a wake up call?
MAYBE in my case its a wake up call..but i was never asleep. just sortta livin' in my own fantasy world in which i wanted everything to look bright n lovely
when its not
it's a RUT 
maybe i'll take these 7 months to njoy my RUT. to think about the harsh words said. Maybe it's a time to wake up! ive been waking up to smell the coffee forever n now that there aint no mo coffee
this is how it feels. Raw 
i dont know how long im gonna shut myself out. Maybe it'll last a month, or 2 or maybe 7.
but for the meantime..i am.
No fucking social medias/ no fucking blackberry
its not broken. it works fine!
i have right next to me..but like i said im taking a looooong break. My blog isn't a fuckin social media! 
this is my  notebook..these r my notes n my reminders to reality
It sucks i know..what i do usually makes no sense to others..it doesnt even make sense to me.
But when someone hurts u this deep, n says stuff that harsh
u change and u shut urself out
Startle a snail or a turtle n it will just make them hide in their shells longer