Mar 7, 2010

Okay last questionare stop tagging me!!

01. if you could pick between vegas or miami, which one would you pick? VEGAS

02. what would you do with a $10 you found on the ground? TAKE IT

03. whats one thing you can actually remember about kindergarden?CUTE KID IN CLASS

04. did you cry at your graduation or smile because it was all finally over?NEVER GRADUATED :(

05. do you prefer tanning beds or the sun?SUN

06. is chocolate really better then sex? YESHH

07. what are two of your favorite movies? BROKEDOWN PALACE N I AM SAM

08. does your life seem to revolve around drama? NOPE DRAMA FREE..

09. whats a nickname you go by? PLENTY ;p

10. how do you calm down when your angry? SLIT MY SKIN

11. do you prefer to work hard or hardly work? WORK HARD

12. what are three places you want to see in the world? THAILAND-PARIS-TOKYO

13. a movie, or a long walk in the park on the first date? MOVIE

14. what are three things that you first notice on the opposite sex? EYES, VOICE N ATTITUDE

15. would you ever date someone covered in tats & piercings? YEPPPP

16. would you rather a house on the beach or in the mountains?BEACH

17. would you rather have a huge walk in shower or a jacuzzi big enough for 2?JACUZZI

18. whats one of your pet peeves?MMM

19. ever think texas should just be a part of mexico?MM

20. do you have to be the center of attention? NOPE, BUT I HAVE TO BE SUMWHERE AROUND IT

21. do you save your money or spend it the second you get your hands on it? SPEND :(

22. are you a party animal or someone who’d rather just stay in? BOTH DEPENDS ON MOOD

23. ever been told you are the life of the party? YESHH

24. if money wasnt an option, what kind of car would you own? MAZDA RX 8

25. do you think you could actually survive the cost of living in cali or nyc? NOPE IM BARELY BREATHING HERE ;)

26. if you were stuck on an island, what would you bring with you? MY LAPTOP, MY BLACKBERRY, FOOD AND RISTI OR RIAN

27. have you ever flat ironed your hair? I ALWAYS DO MY BANGS

28. have you ever been told your a flirt? AHA

29. are you an adrenaline junkie or someone who likes to play it safe? ADRENALINE JUNKIE

30. do you like the heat or cold weather? COLD WEATHER

31. what was your favorite cartoon as a kid? BIONIC SIX

32. when no one is home, do you actually walk around naked? YES

33. if someone held a gun to your head & asked you if you believed in god, what would you say?YES I BELIEVE IN GOD

34. whats the one thing you were given as a child that you still have?A DISNEY WORLD CUP WITH MY PIC ON IT

35. will you move away from your hometown anytime soon?NOPE

36. have you ever been to jail? YES :'(

37. whats sexier, tan lines or none? NO CLOTHES ON, THATS SEXY!

38. do you actually like the smell of gasoline?ALOT ALOT ALOT

39. ever drink an entire bottle of tequila at once?HALF OF IT YEAH

40. ever give a bum money? YEAH REGRET IT